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Ovni yacht sailing boat

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Alubat Ovni boats

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Note : the content of the Ovni Yachts discussion board being by essence dynamic, we haven't found a better way than using the Google automatic translation... Hence have added a section where english speaking users can ask and entertain questions in a less approximative language !
New threads on the forum, see for instance the pros and cons of the twin rudders configuration on aluminium centre-board sailing boats.

Ovni Yacht info :

The Ovni Yacht is a lifting keel - swing center-board exactly -, aluminium sailboat, with a multi-chine hull form, designed by Alubat. The Ovni series is made up of boats ranging from 28 to 60 feet, currently built in the 38 to 50 feet range, with the bulk of the production in the forty to mid forties. These sailing boats are designed for blue water crossing, long distance cruising and travel. The interior layout can be easily customised to specific needs. These aluminum boats with a large centerboard will particularly appeal to those who sail where shoal draft is at a premium. Alubat has been making Ovni yachts for over 30 years and is currently the European leader for the design and production of aluminum pleasure boats. Alubat shipyard is located in Vendee, in the West of France, the region hosting the sailing race Vendee Globe Challenge.

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